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The Vermont Bun Baker
Soapstone Woodstove - Bake Oven - Broiler – Cook Top – Hot H2O Circulator – Radiant Stone Heat

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The  San Marino
Soapstone Masonry Heater

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Soapstone Masonry Heaters

Soapstone’s heat retention and distribution attributes are unmatched by any other stone.

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There is nothing like a Vermont Wood Stove made of Soapstone.  

Our Masonry Heaters and Wood Fired Ovens are quickly becoming America’s most popular way to heat YOUR home.

They’re the safest, most economical, and most efficient way to warm that special place… your home.

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  Our smallest Soapstone model that’s a real worker is The “Vermont Bun BakerNot only is it a woodstove, bake oven and broiler, but the surface can be used as a cook-top, and you can also heat hot water with an optional hot water interior stainless steel circulation tank. All that is surrounded by a beautiful Natural Soapstone veneer which radiates heat after the fire is out. It also qualifies for the tax credit program.

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Our Massive Soapstone Woodstoves offer a European designed woodstove core and 2 3/8″ of pure Soapstone veneer. They weigh between 1,600-2,000 pounds. While looking and feeling like a full masonry heater, they’re just a third of the price. Click to learn more about our Soapstone Massive Woodstoves…

  Our “Soapstone Masonry Heaters” are designed in Germany by a seasoned team of experts using the finest equipment, technology, and experience to develop the most efficient internal air flow designs and maximum soapstone thermal heat absorption capabilities possible. They weigh from 4-8,000 pounds.  Click here to learn more about our 100% Soapstone Massive Weight Soapstone Masonry Heaters…

Our different types of wood fired heaters are designed for cooking, baking, and home heating, while at the same time unequivocally bringing a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the focal point of any home. We’re proud to carry a wide range of sizes and types of woodstoves including the Sinatra full size “Masonry Heater” – with and without a bake oven compartment and heated ergonomic benches.

Soapstone is a unique stone that retains heat and then distributes radiant heat all day and night with little wood usage and very little attention. We have installers available throughout North America and Europe. Delivery and/or installation usually takes 6-8 weeks for our Masonry Heaters and 1-2 weeks for our Massive Soapstone Woodstoves and the Vermont Bun Baker.

 Please Feel Free to e-mail or call us for any questions or further information.

The “Vermont Bun Baker”

The Vermont Bun Baker without Soapstone
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The Vermont Bun Baker with Soapstone Veneer
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The Bun Baker 1500
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Available with or without Soapstone Veneer

Bake Food & Heat Your House at the SAME TIME!

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 - Fantastic cooking and frying surface -

- Saves additional radiant heat -

- Available in three sizes -

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For Electric & Natural Gas Grills and Bar-B-Q’s

A true Green product that saves heat and energy!


Soapstone Stoneware & Coolware! 
Cookware & Coolware!
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Bed Warmers, Boot Warmers, Stovetop Steamers….

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EPA and OMNI Approved Hybrid/Massive Soapstone Woodstoves


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